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Local SEO Is A Great Service To Resell

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Local seo
While you might think that being an SEO reseller means that you will be working with keyword based ideas built by a private label company that are meant to infiltrate a client company’s website, social media profile, or blog, the truth is that if you only doing this, you are missing out on a crucial piece of the market by not embracing local seo. The ideas behind local SEO is that its techniques, while derived through the same ideas as regular search engine optimization, are formulated in special ways to be implemented in places that are meant to help brick and mortar businesses. You will see that once you begin to offer local SEO, you will start to grow your client list faster than you anticipated because you may have services that no other SEO professionals around you do. In order to begin working with local SEO, you need to find a private label company that is familiar with how the process works. Fortunately, adapting for local SEO is not a stretch since the techniques are still the same. What will change for a local seo reseller is where the techniques are ultimately laid as they tend to be worked into various business and map directories for some very specific reasons. A brick and mortar location relies on foot traffic to do business; in many cases, exclusively. This means that SEO on their website will only be somewhat effective for people who might be familiar with their brand or are doing some research. However, to catch spontaneous business on the fly, local map SEO goes above and beyond the call of duty because it will help to raise the ranking of the businesses you work with so that they show up at the top of general localized searches. As an example, if there are two people in a car driving into a city they have never been before and they are looking for an Italian eatery for dinner, one may pull out their smartphone for a local search. On a map site, they will punch in a key phrase such as Italian restaurant with the city attached. With good local SEO, your client will pop up at the top of the list and gain two new customers. To resell local means that you can broaden your horizons. By doing so, you will have a wider range of customers. Most importantly, you will be making a lot more money.