How to Boost Your Revenue When You Resell Web Design

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Did you know that the close rate for seo leads is a whopping 14.6 percent ? That is quite good compared to an outbound lead that can only generate about a 1.7 percent close rate. Internet marketing and online marketing specialists need to know these things. If you are going to resell web design and resell social media, it wouldn’t hurt to know these facts too. At least you can impress your clients with your knowledge of seo and search engine optimization with these facts. Recently there was a rise in businesses that have decided to outsource some portion of their social media marketing. It actually was up 2 percent in 2012 from what it was in 2011, which was 28 percent of businesses online outsourcing social media marketing. Companies with social media accounts only have time to respond to about 30 percent of their fan’s and followers who are making comments and leaving feedback on their social account pages. That is a shame too. Because nine out of 10 adults are now involved in social media. A business needs to pay attention to these fans so they can make more sales. If you resell web design you might want to talk to your customers about outsourcing their social media needs through you. You can resell web design and resell social media services at the same time. People who resell web design, marketing services and search engine optimization services can also resell hosting services. Another area to get into if you resell web design is email marketing. There are quite a few categories to add to your menu of services when you resell web design. You already have the built in clients so why not resell web design and all of the other online services for websites at the same time. It is a great way to boost your revenue when you resell web design alongside these other services too.